Benefits & FAQs

  1. Average household will save £150 per year
  2. Over its lifetime it could save £6,000 on fuel bills and 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  3. Increased peace of mind

The average household that installs the Tadpole will save around £150 a year on heating bills, giving average paybacks within 36 months based on a typical fuel spend of £1,100 per year.

As Tadpole has a minimum life span of 40 years, over the product’s lifetime it could save up to £6,000 on fuel bills along with 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Of particular benefit to social landlords is the reduced cost of maintenance associated with the installation of Tadpole.

This saving can be as much if not more significant than the savings associated with heating bills.

Notable affects of fitting the Tadpole include:

  • Reduced energy consumption: savings of 23.7% on heating bills (IT Tralee Result)
  • Primary heating water with a Tadpole will become 10 to 12 degrees hotter, whilst using the same amount of energy
  • Significantly reduced annual maintenance costs
  • Reduction in CO2 levels
  • Improvement in the way heat is transferred across indirect coils and heat exchangers
  • Increase in comfort levels
  • Almost silent running: much of the noise made by a heating system is associated with the air in water
  • Known system problems cured, for example, uneven heating of radiators and noise associated with air
  • Easy to fit, with only two connections
  • Will work with condensing, non-condensing, oil and gas boilers, including combination boilers, as well as all types of heat pumps
  • Significant help in alleviating fuel poverty
Tadpole's FAQ's