Case Studies & Testimonials


Bela J (West Midlands)

“As soon as the Tadpole was installed I found I had to turn down the thermostat on the boiler because the radiators got very much hotter - which implies that the Tadpole is achieving something significant.”
tadpole energy, tadpole

Retired Plumber (Wiltshire)

“Our oil consumption fell in the year after the Tadpole was installed. We closely monitor our use of oil and have done so for the past ten years at least. Whilst no two winters are the same in terms of weather there was a definite reduction in oil consumption post Tadpole installation and that reduction was around 10%. There was also a noticeable reduction in system noise as the air was purged from it although we still get the occasional bubble moving around the pipes. This is more likely to be caused by the layout of our pipework than any issue with Tadpole.”
tadpole energy, tadpole

Jennifer Richards (Aberdeen)

“I cannot say precisely how much the tadpole has contributed towards savings because of the very cold winter and other improvements I have made to my home, however I would say the heating bill is about 1/3 the average for the house size we have and it logically must be part due to the tadpole, there is no rust buildup in the water either so the claims of how it works seem to be correct.”
tadpole energy, tadpole

Mrs. Ethal White (Manchester)

“The Tadpole has been fitted for a little over a year (I think) and there has been no need to bleed the system during that time.”
tadpole energy, tadpole

Mr. Bill Grayson (Somerset)

“I installed my Tadpole some 2 years ago and since then have been anxious to determine whether it has given any tangible improvement to my central heating system performance. I can say that bleeding of radiators is now a forgotten art as far as our household is concerned - air just does not get into the system. We run the boiler at a lower temperature as recommended and find there is no loss of heating performance across the home - indeed if anything we feel that the system is much less stressed even in the depths of winter. Overall we feel that Tadpole has made a significant improvement to our central heating system, improved its performance and reduced the overall running costs. The only evidence to support such a statement is that while fuel costs have risen quite dramatically, the cost of running our heating system has not increased and our heating engineer is much impressed by that experience.”
tadpole energy, tadpole

Mrs Turner (London)

"An excellent system. Makes the hot water so much hotter and the central heating system so much quieter! I just know that, because the boiler is turned down a notch yet giving the same heat output, that we are for sure saving on our heating bills."
tadpole energy, tadpole